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To: David Perry, Leader of Harrow Council

Save 'The Bridge', in Harrow from closure by the Council

25/05/16 - We Won! Harrow Council has reconsidered the decision and so the Bridge will remain open. This was the objective of the petition.

Save 'The Bridge', in Harrow from closure by the Council

Please don't close 'The Bridge', next to the Harrow Leisure Centre, in Christchurch Avenue, Harrow.

Why is this important?

The Bridge is a purpose built place for the Mentally ill people. It's an activity centre and a drop in centre with a cafe. The building is all on ground floor. There are gardens at the back and side for people to relax.

The activities include Arts and Craft, Music Learning, Guitar Learning group - 'Dont Fret', Tabla (Indian drums) learning, Library, Choir meeting -- 'More than Just a Choir', WhyFI - for Paranoia, Pilates, Yoga, 30 Clients with Personal Independence Budgets attend for therapy. People with depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia etc. etc. attend with great benefits to their daily life. The Northwick Park Hospital's Mental Heath Unit refers clients for further support from the services available at The Bridge.

I had asked my family, two years ago, to take me to the Switzerland clinic to 'have me put down'. Then I heard of 'The Bridge' and attended the Choir -- ''More Than Just A Choir'' every Tuesday evening. This has turned my life around.

The people receiving a great deal of therapeutic benefits will have to revert back to the overloaded GP services and the NHS -- waiting list. The attempt to close The Bridge will end up costing the community far greater!

How it will be delivered

In person to the full Harrow Council Meeting, with a Press conference after.

London Borough of Harrow

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Reasons for signing

  • Take notice Harrow Council, this is what you are here for. This community looks to you. Support everyone, this is worth it.
  • A very valuable resource for the vulnerable in society
  • Ben trainned There. Bridge helps r├ęsidents of Harrow wiithmental issues, Also people who work @ the Bridge.


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Please look at this website for an activity going on at The Bridge

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