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To: Herefordshire council

Save the Bull's Head, Craswall


Seven years ago, The Bull’s Head at Craswall, one of Herefordshire’s best-loved pubs, closed its doors, seemingly for ever.

Three and a half years ago, two hundred people protested outside the pub and 1300 signed a petition calling for its reinstatement.

On Thursday November 25, we are delighted to tell you, that the Bull – refurbished but far from ruined – will finally reopen under the control of Jake and Aimi Townley. You will find the stone-walled bar hardly changed at all.

For some of us it’s been a long, long trail and we hope it’s going to be a fantastic outcome. Jake is an acclaimed chef who specialises in simple, local and high-quality food, and you can expect a warm welcome. But the Townleys promise it will always be a pub as well as a restaurant.

To find out more, please go to

And hope to see you there. Thanks to everyone for their support. You really did make a difference.

Very best, Matthew and Jim

To prevent permanent closure and encourage the reopening of The Bull's Head, Craswall.

Why is this important?

The Bull's Head is set in magnificent Marches countryside: it is "one of the last unspoiled drovers' inns in England" (CAMRA). For 125 years it was run by the same farming family. After 1998, under energetic new management, it became one of the most popular pubs in Herefordshire.
Now, with owners who appear not to care, it has been closed for three years with no hint of reopening or sale as a pub.
The pub is officially designated "an asset of community value". It is certainly that: our small and vulnerable rural community dearly wants it back. But it's something more - it's a boon to visitors; a resting place for weary walkers and one of rural England's hidden treasures. It must not die.
"When you have lost your inns, drown your empty selves, for you will have lost the last of England" -
Hilaire Belloc

How it will be delivered

More than 200 protesters made their feelings known outside the pub on May 5 as planned. The mood was jolly, but very determined. The petition will be delivered to the council later this month. In the meantime it remains open for signature.

Hay-on-Wye, Hereford

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