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Save the Fitzalan Square Plane Trees

Save the Fitzalan Square Plane Trees

Sheffield City Council are planning to redevelop Fitzalan Square in Sheffield City Centre. The plans include felling the 4 healthy mature plane trees that surround the statue of King Edward VII. These are the only remaining mature trees in the city centre and must be retained.

Why is this important?

Fitzalan Square suffers from poor air quality due to traffic pollution. The London Plane trees are particularly effective at removing pollutants from traffic-heavy areas like this in the city centre.
The trees are one of the few things of beauty in a Square currently noted for its ugly betting shops, proliferation of litter and intrusive advertising boards.
The trees provide a great deal of biodiversity to the square including birds and insects which would be lost despite the planting of new saplings.
The Tree Condition survey, written by the Council's tree manager, states "Removal of these four trees will have a significant impact on the immediate area. The city centre has the lowest percentage tree cover in Sheffield and there are relatively few large trees within the area. Visually, the trees provide a natural living feature that helps to soften the harsh lines of the existing built environment. The trees play an important role in trapping and removing pollutants from the surrounding air as well as providing dappled shade for users of the square. The canopies also help to break up wind movement that may otherwise funnel between the buildings. All four trees are well established with a significant
potential longevity. All are considered to be in their prime. "
Paving problems could easily be solved using flexi-pave.
Important links
Read the full plans and object to the proposal here.

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Background to Fitzalan Square

Fitzalan Square, City Centre, Sheffield

Reasons for signing

  • What hitla didn’t do in the 40 ‘s labour is doing now.
  • Lived In Sheffield all my life all I can say Is keep voting the same and nothing will change buffoons to a man in charge
  • DONT VOTE LABOUR they are stupid


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