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To: Justice Secretary Michael Gove

Save the Human Rights Act

Give the entire electorate the choice of whether they want to see the Human Rights act replaced with a 'British Bill of Rights' by giving them a referendum on the issue.

Why is this important?

The Human Rights Act is an important act designed to protect each and every individual from inequality and injustice be it from another individual, corporations or our own government. As such the decision to remove or change that protection should, ultimately should lie with the people of the UK - not politicians. In the past we've been rightly proud of our tough stance around the world on human rights. The UK will not extradite to a country where the death penalty is used. UK politicians have called for Guantanamo to be closed and laws criminalising homosexuality in Africa and elsewhere to be overturned. We accept that the Conservative party won the 2015 General Election with a majority, however a decision on something as important as this has to have the backing of the majority of the electorate, not just the 36% that voted Conservative. We are therefore asking you to do the right democratic thing and bring your proposal for a 'British Bill of Rights' before the electorate in a referendum and let them decide if they wish to opt for this, or keep the existing Human Rights legislation.




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Thank you -nearly 1,500 signature in less than 24 hours - lets keep this going and show the Government they can't ignore us!

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