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To: Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP, Secretary Of State For Northern Ireland

Save The Human Rights Act of Northern Ireland

We want Government Clarification that it will not break any commitments it made to safeguard the Northern Ireland Assembly we want the Government to state that all its commitments will be kept in place

Why is this important?

It is important for all the people in Northern Ireland to have the right of free political thought and to have the right to freedom of expression of religion the right to pursue democratically national and political aspirations and the right to seek constitutional change by peaceful and legitimate means the right to freely chose one's place of residence the right to equal opportunity in all social and economic activity regardless of class creed disability,gender or ethnicity the right to freedom from sectarian harassment the right of women to full and equal political participation We the people of Northern Ireland needs Human Rights Safe Guards kept in place to help protect the weak the sick and the disabled we need our Human Rights to be protected in Northern Ireland for our Childrens future we need it to protect our children who can't speak up for themselves if you have a child who is disabled that child must be protected for later life .We can't have our older community not being looked after when they have to go into care we want our older generation to be treated by respect we want are sick children who have rare or ultra rare diseases to have the same rights as children in Europe we want you to think before the Government Removes the Human Rights Act In Northern Ireland Please Sign Our Petition

Northern Ireland

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