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To: St Monica's Church, London N13 4DJ and Enfield Planning Department

Save the Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green!

Save the Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green!

Please don't demolish The Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green, London N13, which doubles as the Parish Hall of St Monica's Church, which the church wants to replace with a new parish centre and block of flats.

Why is this important?

The Enfield Local Heritage List describes the building as having landmark status, rarity value, historical association and social value in the local community.

The Theatre was the home of the John Clements Theatre Company, and the site of the first play ever to have been broadcast live on television. By the end of the 1960s it had become the last repertory theatre surviving in London. The theatre still plays host to a range of dramatic and operatic societies, and local events.

Many famous people appeared on stage here, including Richard Attenborough (in his stage debut), Irene Handl, Anna Wing, Nicholas Parsons, Roger Moore, Arthur Lowe, Bill Owen, John Inman, Dad’s Army writer Jimmy Perry and his wife Gilda, Tony Blackburn, Steven Berkoff, Davy Graham, David Bowie, The Wurzels, Joe Brown, George Melly, Tommy Trinder, Hinge and Bracket, and, in panto, Bill Pertwee, Ruth Madoc and John Noakes. Local resident Stevie Smith attended regularly. John Clements was knighted for his contribution to film and stage - Bristol University holds an archive in his memory. This is one of the last local theatres left in London.

The two-storey frontage is in red brick with stone quoins and window surrounds and seating for an audience of up to 406 people.

While the parish clearly has plans to redevelop, if they see the local and national opposition this will create they may look to revise their plans.

To make this happen, please sign this petition now! Thank you!

Palmers Green, London N13 4DH

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Reasons for signing

  • My daughters have for many years taken part in dance shows here, my Grandad also used to perform here in the 1970s. It is a valuable community resource, not many venues of this type remain.
  • The theatre and the building are an integral part of Palmers Green's story
  • Important spaces for people to come together should be protected.


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