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To: Ralph Percy, 12th Duke of Northumberland

Save Isleworth's Park Road Allotments from redevelopment

Save Isleworth's Park Road Allotments from redevelopment

To recognise that Park Road Allotment site is a treasured local community asset and direct Northumberland Estate to desist from all plans and activities to develop the site or relocate the allotments, now or at any time in the future.

Why is this important?

Park Road Allotment site is the last remaining part of Old Isleworth that is undeveloped. It offers the local community a much needed tranquil location in an otherwise urban setting.

There have been allotment gardens on the site since at least 1915. Public Health England recognises the therapeutic benefits of gardening for people’s mental and physical well-being.

The benefits of the site are not confined just to individual plot holders.

• It is a wildlife haven: The site supports bats, newts, frogs, dragonflies, butterflies and too many birds to name. These creatures, once commonplace are increasingly rare in urban areas.

• It has a major role in the production and promotion of biodiversity; plants and fruit trees depend on insects to pollinate them in order for there to be good crops. The site offers an abundant source of nectar rich plants for bees and butterflies.

• The reduction of waste to landfill through composting, recycling and reusing materials.

• There are learning opportunities for people of all ages who want to develop new skills and adopt a healthy lifestyle, supported through an active community garden and small garden for the local nursery school. Parents and grandparents bring children to the site; they are the next generation of gardeners.

• It’s a space where children can be children; they can build camps, play pretend, weed and water their patches and be so exhausted they are asleep by 7pm.

• With the increasing propensity for apartments with no individual garden space, it offers much needed outdoor space where it is possible to do more than sit and picnic.

• The site forms part of the historic setting for the 600 year old All Saint’s Church.

Once this tiny remaining part of Old Isleworth has been concreted over, it will be lost for all future generations. It is worth saving for everyone, now and in the future.

Isleworth, London Borough of Hounslow

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Follow this link for the latest updates in our campaign to oppose Northumberland Estate's second planning application to build over the allotment site

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