To: Bristol City Council

Save the Mature Woodland

Save the Mature Woodland

Save the mature woodland to the south of Morris Road, behind Shaldon Road and behind the old B and Q site on Muller Road.

Why is this important?

This woodland has been untouched for 50+ years. It is a small piece of habitat for wildlife on a very steep incline in the midst of a densely populated area with very congested roads. This woodland provides habitat for bats, owls, badgers, foxes, hedgehogs, woodpeckers, slow worms and a host of other wildlife.

It also forms a protective barrier which mitigates the noise and air pollution caused by the railway line and the traffic on Muller Road, and provides run off to mitigate flooding on Muller Road when there is torrential rain.

It may not have the kudos of a 200 year old Oak tree, but it is doing a good job, and to those wildlife, it's home!


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Reasons for signing

  • There are plenty of derelict sites for the council without wrecking trees/woods/wild places.
  • We have enough derelict areas that could be built on. This would make a wonderful nature reserve.


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