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To: All Derbyshire MPs and Councillors, NHS England

Save the Nursing Beds in Belper

Save the Nursing Beds in Belper

Keep nursing beds available in Belper. Start a Consultation Process for the future of Babington; we do not accept it is right to enter into an immediate period of engagement.

Why is this important?

Protect the 10 overnight nursing beds at Babington hospital.
Babington Hospital faces closure. This means up to 18 beds for rehabilitation, palliative and end-of-life care are being lost.

The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) claim that the nursing beds will be provided at Ashbourne, Ripley and Ilkeston. This presents immense problems for people who have to travel. Furthermore there are questions about capacity and there is no guarantee that these beds will remain available. The strategy is to cut 535 beds across the county in the NHS.

There has been no full, open and public consultation over the closures of Babington hospital and the loss of nursed beds.

Make no mistake. These nursing beds will be lost if we do not object now. Please make your voice heard by completing the questionnaire in the link below. There is little room for expression other than using the free text box at the end to reject the Engagement Process and call for a full public consultation:


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Reasons for signing

  • My partner's Dad got the very best of care in a nursing bed at Babington Hospital in Belper. If someone we love gets ill, the level of care we witnessed is the best we would want, bringing comfort to both the patient and those that love them.
  • The government are suggesting they put more money into .the NHS. Where is it and why is there none for the best asset that Belper has in medical care.
  • Belper is the largest town in north Derbyshire and according to Amber Valley's building expansion program is to grow evan larger within the next five years plus the Baby Boomers generation entering their 70th year, the government should be providing more 24 hr beds and nursing, not reducing then to save money that they are failing to collect in Tax.


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