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To: Aberystwyth / Ceredigion Council

Save the old Aberystwyth town library

Save the old Aberystwyth town library

This petition shows public support for a co-operative Charitable Incorporated Organisation to take on the old town library on Corporation Street, Aberystwyth, rather than the current private bidder. We ask that our local council delay the current bid until the proposal of a social enterprise that supports the local community has been given due consideration to take on the library for the agreed sum. The library is of much historic, local, public importance, and it is the general opinion that the building should not become another public property developed for private gain.

Why is this important?

The library was donated to the town by Andrew Carnegie in the 1900s, and the Carnegie Trust UK maintain the ethos of his contributions to be for "improvement of the masses of people of Great Britain and Ireland by such means as are embraced within the meaning of the word "charitable" and which Trustees may from time to time select as best fitted from age to age for securing these purposes, remembering that new needs are constantly arising as the masses advance."

****We have received over 100 signatures on paper since starting the campaign 2 days ago - please show your support - sign & share the online petition***


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