To: Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

Save the Only All-Weather Lifeboat in Ceredigion

Save the Only All-Weather Lifeboat in Ceredigion

Save the All-Weather Lifeboat at New Quay

Why is this important?

“This puts lives at risk unnecessarily. As lifeboat crew members, we are happy to give our time voluntarily; all we ask for is the right equipment for the job.” - Volunteer RNLI crewman Huw.

To give you some background, the RNLI has decided to downgrade New Quay Lifeboat Station to an Inshore Lifeboat when the service life of its current All-Weather Lifeboat expires in 2020. The proposed new lifeboat will not be able to launch in bad weather (over force 7 in daylight or force 6 at night) whereas the current lifeboat can launch in any weather.

This doesn't just affect New Quay: The All-Weather Lifeboat also covers Cardigan, Aberporth, Tresaith, Llangrannog, Aberaeron, Llanon, and Aberystwyth. After 2020, there will be no All-Weather Lifeboats in the whole of Ceredigion, leaving a gap of 70 miles between the All-Weather stations of Barmouth and Fishguard. What this means is that the nearest All-Weather Lifeboat, even travelling at 25 knots, will take an hour and a quarter to reach some parts of Cardigan Bay.

We, the undersigned, call on the RNLI to retain the All-Weather Lifeboat capability of New Quay Lifeboat Station.

(Photo credit: Emyr Rhys Williams)

New Quay

Reasons for signing

  • When someone dies because a lifeboat or any other life saving device is withdrawn, It is always airbrushed over and no one responsible gets prosecuted. Its about time that they did and its about time these exceptionally brave men and women got some proper remuneration for the work that that they do. Perhaps the people who are in charge could volunteer their services instead and then the lifeboat crews might have the funding that they need to keep everyone safe.
  • Signed because without them, The Cardigan coast would be unsafe....
  • because I have lived in caredigion most of my life & seen new quay in action many time & it has saved more lives than can count.


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