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To: Coventry City council

Save the trees of Baginton Fields Nature Reserve , Coventry

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Carl Husband
Save the trees of Baginton Fields Nature Reserve , Coventry

Give the trees of Baginton Fields Nature Reserve, Coventry a tree preservation order .

Why is this important?

Because this area has very many trees and has a large biodiversity and is very important to the environment and peoples mental wellbeing when they visit it . This area is an amenity and we believe that they are under threat of upcoming development , under Government guidelines they should be given preservation orders in such circumstances.

Baginton Fields Nature Reserve , Coventry.

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Reasons for signing

  • This beautiful area is about to be destroyed for Industrial Warehouses. It provides no jobs for the community and the loss of valuable wildlife is not worth the cost of parking spaces. I have enjoyed this nature trail for years and can't believe that our politicians place no value on the importance of trees and wildlife.
  • This area is a designated nature trail that is used by the whole community and is the last remaining green space. My family love this small green space and can't believe it's going to be bulldozed.


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