To: Local Council

Save the Tunstall Green Man from permenant closure

Save the Tunstall Green Man from permenant closure

Register the Green Man Pubic house as a community asset

Why is this important?

Because there has been a pub in Tunstall Village since 1828 and no body wants to see that disappear, knowing it would never come back. The recent ownerships of the pub have not been suitable to the business, so the pub has struggled.
The community wants to have a say in the future of this asset, and how it is run.

Suffolk Coastal District

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Reasons for signing

  • The pub needs to be given a chance under new ownership with the new market it can now take advantage of (new housing and Eyke Pub currently closed). It is in an excellent location on a busy road to numerous tourist destinations. Run right there is no reason it will fail. To lose the pub from the village would be awful.
  • Great location, new houses in the village, lots of potential.


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