To: LSBU Students

Save 'The Venue Bar' from closing at 8pm

Save 'The Venue Bar' from closing at 8pm

The University outsources campus bar " The Venue" has changed its closing hours to 8pm, from it's already unacceptable early 9pm closing. A campus bar shouldn't even be closing at the original time of 9pm in the first place, as a result of this a noticeable amount of students have been spending considerate amount of time elsewhere in other venues, there by distancing themselves from great opportunities and the diversity that The Venue bar provides. By signing the petition and supporting the campaign we can come together to show the extent of students standing by us opposing the premature shutting of the Venue Bar.

Why is this important?

The university are seeking to minimise costs, by taking security and reception off the entrance to the student union earlier, resulting in an 8pm close. However a campus bar shouldn't solely be about making a profit, it should be a place for students to come together, meet and socialise in an area that caters for everyones needs. While building the all important 'campus community', which is vital as such a small percentage of students live onsite. Speaking from personal experience The Venue bar allowed me to have a place to drop by and make friends last year, in the little time I had outside of lectures and commuting I spent a lot of time there socialising and doing group work. As do many other students in my position. From here I met countless people who would go on to have a positive impact on not only my social life but also being greatly beneficial to talk to each week about university and work related opportunities.
With the majority universities closing their student bars at much later times (on average 11pm), therefore allowing for greater time and effort to be put into events being held.
We are paying for our student experience and by closing the campus bar we are missing out on that experience.

London South Bank University, London

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Reasons for signing

  • It's not just a place to drink and people need to understand this place is fundamental to us
  • comfortable
  • If the LRC can stay open until midnight or 24hr in some cases then so can the union


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