To: Brighton and Hove Council

Save the Whitehawk Inn East Brighton, Community Centre for Life long Learning

Save the Whitehawk Inn East Brighton, Community Centre for Life long Learning

Please save the Whitehawk Inn Community Centre.

Why is this important?

This centre provides vital services to the local community that helps transform peoples' lives through providing information, advice, guidance, education, creative art and free activities.
It helped save my life after my husband's suicide acting as a second family that gave me my autonomy back. I benefited from their classes, meeting new friends and now as a thank you I volunteer and fund raise for them.


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Reasons for signing

  • This is a vital hub for local people to use IT, learn skills, join trainings and career help and is a great community resource. This must continue to be funded
  • I've signed because now, more than ever, our community needs to pulls together and help all of us to keep our heads above water.
  • I used to run a volunteer complementary therapies service (Holistic OutReach) here, and have great respect and liking for all the staff and their service users. This place does a fantastic job and is greatly needed, It is a very important part of the community there, offers support, hope and education and there is no question whatsoever that it should be kept open and properly funded.


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