To: Tower Hamlets Council

Save Tower Hamlets Nursery Schools

Save Tower Hamlets Nursery Schools

To urge Tower Hamlets Council and the government to recognise the school status of State nursery schools & fund them accordingly.

Why is this important?

Nursery Schools in Tower Hamlets and across the country are under threat of closure due to government plans for the future funding of childcare.
State nursery schools have very good outcomes with regard to closing the achievement gap and supporting children with special needs. State nursery schools are legally required to employ highly-qualified teaching staff, who are proven to give young children the best opportunities for academic achievement and enabling social mobility.

How it will be delivered

To Tower Hamlets Council at a Cabinet Meeting on 22nd March 2017.

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Reasons for signing

  • Tower Hamlets Nursery Schools are one of a kind and are much needed in the borough.
  • As I have two sons and nurseries and schools do great jobs with caring for our children
  • Can't let the government close another school.


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The petition was successfully delivered on 22nd March to Tower Hamlets Council
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LSE Article on plans to reallocate nursery funding.

The government responds to the national Petition to save Nursery Schools.

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