To: RCT Council

Save Tylorstown Swimming Pool

Save Tylorstown Swimming Pool

We the undersigned want the council to reconsider closure of the pool.
Look at other options- increase in swimming lessons, longer opening hours, better pool design and shape.

Why is this important?

It’s essential that Tylorstown and the wider community of the Rhondda Fach Keep this pool.
We have seen closure after closure a loss of services and amenities.
We have very poor transport links so it can be difficult to travel to other pools.
The loss of the the pool will be detrimental to the children and residents of Tylorstown- other options must be considered.

Rhondda Cynon Taff

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Reasons for signing

  • Ian an older man who wants to improve his health; I find the facilities here are ideal for my needs. It has become not only a boon too my health but also enables me to keep in touch with local people and meet those with similar needs. Cloure of this pool will denude the Rhonda Fach of both a health and social benefit. We have little to show for the immense wealth generated by this valley in bygone years - let us not lose this one piece of enjoyment remaining in our valley.
  • RCT closed Treherbert Pool even though we followed all the procedures. Hopefully they will reconsider the Tylorstown closure.


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