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Save Veterans First Point

Save Veterans First Point

Stop the closure of this service in Scotland and expand it throughout the UK.

Why is this important?

A decision will be taken this week on whether a "lifeline" service for hundreds of armed forces veterans will be forced to close its Grampian base. Eight Veterans First Point centres were set up in Scotland using cash from the UK government's Libor fund. But that money is running out and local health boards are now covering costs - with help from the Scottish government.

NHS Grampian has now said it is unable to continue to fund the service.

Veterans first point is a NHS run service to help veterans. It enables veterans to get help quickly for all sorts of problems, but mental health is the biggest. Without it veterans can be waiting over 12 months for help by which far to many will have committed suicide. These veterans have served you it is time you served them.

Aberdeen, Scotland

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Reasons for signing

  • The last sentence says it all .
  • As a veteran I would like to hope that if I needed support there would be some one there, VFP are a vital link and much needed.
  • I'm close friends with several Armed Forces veterans, and what I hear some of them go through breaks my heart, and this just breaks my heart a whole lot more. VFP needs to be kept, look at America. Most of the homeless are veterans that haven't had anyone to help them.


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