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To: Glasgow City Council

Save Victoria Park from being sold off to commercial interests

Save Victoria Park from being sold off to commercial interests

Stop the sell off of assets owned by citizens to commercial interests

Why is this important?

Keeping green space in the City and ensuring everyone can enjoy the park

Glasgow City

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Reasons for signing

  • Family roots in Glasgow but live in London. All public parks are yours and mine, donated or paid by the public purse and not for the supposed safe-keepers to sell.
  • Victoria Park is a gem, as are all of Glasgow's parks and green spaces, for which the city is renowned. I spent days there as a child, took my children there, and hope to take my future grandchildren also. Stripping assets is the domain of the tories - no wonder labour is a lost cause.
  • Glasgow means Dear Green Place. if GCC are left to their own devices it will be a barren concrete landscape!


2015-02-07 10:30:04 +0000

Glasgow Council has deemed the 38 degree petition as ineligible so if you want your voice heard please complete the questionnaire on the council hub before the 27th of Feb. My take on options below and I will be voting to support open green space and hope you can support this. The web address for the consultation hub is:

2015-02-07 10:18:55 +0000

GCC has launched consultation on its hub site. 1) Victoria Park Residents Association: To keep the park under Council ownership and control as a green open space- proposal to grass the pitches and re-plant trees and shrubs to the original design, free access to and usage of the park for community events. 2) Friends of Victoria Park: Community Group Proposal for an Orchard and bike park - based on setting up a Community Trust to run the asset for community benefit based on a 25 year lease arrangement. 3) Broomhill Sports Club: Membership (fee based) parent led sports group that want to develop their club house facilities and an all weather pitch with floodlighting erected on the current park site for youth and adult sports development activity. Also want a 25 lease arrangement.

2015-01-17 14:51:11 +0000

Thanks everyone for signing the petition. Unfortunately Glasgow City Council rejected the eligibility of the petition and we have had to submit signatures by hand as well as create a new petition on the GCC website. Whiteinch Community Council have organised a public meeting with the official in the council Mr Brian Butler of Land and Environmental services attending to present his position. The date of the meeting is next Wednesday the 21st of January at 6.30 in St Thomas Aquinas School, Mitre Road, Glasgow. If you can attend that would be great. But you can also make your views known by emailing your local councillors. Once again thanks for the support, much appreciated and together we can save Victoria Park!

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