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To: East Sussex county council and local government

Save Warwick House to keep our elderly community safe

Save Warwick House to keep our elderly community safe

Why is this important?

Warwick house day centre in seaford East Sussex is under consultation for closure which was found out by carers for the clients who mainly suffer with dementia and disability and over 65 years of age. This was three weeks ago but a further document has been tracked back to October 2017 confirming it will close to save £59000. It is proven that without this service these clients will be isolated vulnerable and at risk, in addition many cannot cater for themselves so likely to cost escc increased costs for lunch and tea visits circa £1000 per week so no annual saving

My mother attends she is 88 and this centre is a lifeline to her enabling her to remain at home with care in morning and evening and Monday to Friday she attends the centre is able to socialize exercise and be stimulated and receive lunch and tea of which she contributes greatly to her care financially. Remove this service she and her friends will be isolated at risk to Day to day tasks and her dementia condition will rapidly deteriorate. Most of this community have paid their due to this country for over 60 years and they need to be cared for in their final years, my mum has family around her but some of these clients have nobody, please stop this closure it is shortsighted and just escc balancing the books and saving the accountants jobs, my mum will really suffer if this centre closes please support

East Sussex

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2018-04-01 13:19:38 +0100

Warwick house replaced home field day centre 4 years ago however the building of home field place remains empty and unsold surely here is the finance needed to keep the day centers open

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