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Saving Our Shelter

Saving Our Shelter

Let us stay in 169 Church Street and keep our homeless shelter open.

Why is this important?

We are currently in occupation of 169 Church Street, Eccles, Salford, M30 0LU. We are working alongside Salford Unemployment and Community Resource Centre and the Broughton Trust to use the building to house the homeless and help them get back on their feet.

The building has been empty for many years yet they want to kick 15 to 20 homeless people out onto the street and leave the building yet again empty. We are willing to give them rent too. Please help by signing our petition to let us stay.

If they kick us out that will mean 3 people we have just got employment will end up back on the streets. 4 people we have just got on courses will also be on the streets too. The rest of the homeless we are helping to get back on their feet will also be on the streets.

Church Street, Eccles, Manchester M30 0LU

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Reasons for signing

  • Thanks for that
  • They need a roof over their heads. They are helping each other finding work courses etc plus looking after an empty building. I wish them every success and pray for them every night Veronica. A Golden Oldie 87 yrs
  • Homelessness is an outrage. They’re sleeping in an old building, they deserve a home.


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