To: East Cambridgeshire Council

SAY NO TO McDonalds, KFC or other fast foods coming to ELY

SAY NO TO McDonalds, KFC or other fast foods coming to ELY

Please do not promote obesity into our County in our beautiful region, villages and towns.
Ely is planning to permit McDonalds and KFC to sell their unhealthy foods.

Expensive Government campaigns against obesity, healthier foods, Sugar Tax, and the huge costs on the NHS because of the modern disease of Obesity in adults and children alike. Research has shown that the foods in McDonalds and KFC contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity.

The city is giving permission to KFC and McDonalds to open their stores across from Ely College. This is totally oxymoron on every level.

We the citizens living in the Isle-of-Ely, East Cambridgeshire, are immensely proud of our beautiful Cathedral town, with its unique retail and restaurants and the last thing we need is two food outlets with such poor health reputation. What is our Conservative Council thinking or is it again all about the Money.

We want you to stop McDonalds and KFC opening anywhere in East Cambridgeshire and in particular in the Isle of Ely

Why is this important?

We should not need to promote food that is unhealthy for young and old. Less MCDONALDS or KFC like food empires, should reduce the NHS costs to treat obesity and obesity related deceases

Ely is one pf the most beautiful and unique places and should be protected from the like of the McDonald and KFC Mafia and their unhealthy form of diet


Reasons for signing

  • KFC and McDonald's provide food only. It's YOUR fault if you get fat!! Healthy food is cheaper so there is no excuse.


2017-05-11 22:11:07 +0100

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