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To: United Nations

Say no to 'Wonder woman' as the UN ambassador for women

I want the UN to choose a REAL woman for their ambassador for women and children not a FICTICIOUS character. One who can encourage girls to be all they can be .

Why is this important?

HOW can the UN think an imaginary , scantily clad , very well endowed ( Barbie doll - statistics) comic book cartoon represents women of the world and 'empowers' them? She is a 'sex symbol ' and will only serve to promote women as sex objects in countries that already veer that way!

Are they serious?

Yes I get that they need a 'modern ' symbol - but 'Wonder Woman' was out of the 70's (or maybe it is more to do with a new 'Wonder Woman 'film being released in 2017 )???

But would you choose Charlie 's Angels? or Baywatch babes ? what about Bridget Jones ? Or a whole raft of similar females

Pretty much every REAL woman I have ever met is a better role model for women, for encouraging our girls to be all they can be.

Are there no real modern women across the whole world who could not be the UN's ambassador for women ? really ?

We deserve better


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