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Scots Against TTIP

Scots Against TTIP

We would like our representatives in the Scottish Parliament and European Parliament to take action against TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and prevent it from being imposed on Scottish people.

Why is this important?

It is important because TTIP will rid us of some of our basic liberties and will oblige the UK Goverment to put businesses over people,stop the UK making laws that hinder companies profitability and will allow companies to bring in workers from any where in the world to save money on labour.

TTIP should not,must not and will not make exploitation from corporations easier! With the help of you we can stop this!

For more information on the issue search TAFTA,TTIP or go to the following link


Reasons for signing

  • It's bonkers how underused the Scottish 38Degrees Campaigns By You section is! Hardly any of the campaigns listed have any great numbers, and this isn't because the campaigns don't have worth. I wonder whether the campaigns by you section should perhaps be promoted more prominently on the 38Degrees Scotland website?
  • A group of 17 anti-TTIP campaigners from Scotland are just back from Westminster, where we lobbied SNP MPs. Our aim is to change SNP policy to be a complete rejection of TTIP. Daily reports on our trip, plus photos, and a video we presented to the MPs are at: A DVD containing the video has just been acknowledged as received by Nicola Sturgeon and we await her reply.
  • Everyone should be signing this. It cannot be allowed to go ahead. It will destroy the NHS.


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