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To: Theresa May - Prime Minister

Scrap the public sector pay cap

Downing Street said officials who decide pay across the public sector had been told they no longer had to limit recommendations to 1% rises.

A No 10 source said: “The independent pay review bodies will make their recommendations in the normal way. We have said as a Government that the arbitrary 1% pay cap is no longer in place.”

Scrap the public sector pay cap.

Why is this important?

We all saw the brave police tackling the terrorists at London Bridge, the firefighters rushing in to tackle the Grenfell fire, the paramedics running to help the people caught up in the Manchester terror attack. And every day nurses working round the clock to keep our NHS going.

Our public sector workers keep the country ticking over, from the emergency services who are there when we need them to the teachers who pass on knowledge to future generations. These people shouldn't have to worry about whether they can pay their rent or the electricity bill at the end of the month.

Reasons for signing

  • I am happy to sign this petition but I would be happier if it was clear it applies to all public sector workers and not just a select few categories. Teachers, Social Workers, Planners as well as vital administrative staff have bills and mortgages to pay too.
  • I was a fire fighter for 30 yrs, and it was only through strike action in 77 that the Fire Brigades union was successful in getting an increase in pay to match the upper quartile of blue collar workers. Pension contributions are through the roof, it is nothing to be paying 14% towards their pension. It is an absolute disgrace that MPs got an 11% rise in time of austerity. It is now time they had to take a pay freeze for 7 years while other catch up.
  • for Government to ignore Public Sector and spend our money elsewhere is not acceptable.


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