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To: Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council

Securing the future of Three Sisters Race Circuit by means of replacing the unstable lease holders

Securing the future of Three Sisters Race Circuit by means of replacing the unstable lease holders

Remove the current lease holder from their position and allow a new company backed by Motorsport clubs and local businesses to take over management and give the circuit and surrounding area the significant investment that is urgently required.

Why is this important?

On the 2nd of May 2017, a small group of staff at three sisters race circuit in Wigan were told that the circuit operating company, The Racing School Ltd had run into financial difficulties and would be closing the doors and making them redundant. It soon transpired that not all staff employed by the circuit had been  officially made aware, only finding out through social media that they no longer had a job. The company soon went silent, refusing to speak with staff and affected customers.

We set up the Save Three Sisters Race Circuit page to keep the public and staff informed of any developments at the circuit, gathering information from multiple sources and collating this into an accessible platform for those who were affected.

The lack of official communication from the circuit or the lease holder prompted our team to carry out an investigation into the uncertainty of the future of the venue.

A thorough and forensic investigation is currently taking place and has so far revealed multiple counts of damming evidence to suggest levels of fraud and corruption within the companies involved.

Our suspicions have so far been proven correct and we believe that plans are going ahead behind closed doors to quickly replace the failed operating company with a new company who's directors have clear links to the failed one.

This happened before in 2015, slipping quietly under the radar and has now happened again, leaving many local businesses and staff out of pocket.
The publicly available finances of the companies involved show debts of over £1million and a lack of any possibility for investment.

The Circuit is in desperate need of investment. The track itself has had inconsistent repairs over the last few years leaving a bumpy "patchwork" effect, many of the facilities require an update and a large number of the people who use the circuit have expressed their concerns over things such as noise levels, security, disabled access, etc.

The venue and the motorsport communities have been pushed aside to benefit the financial gain of the lease holder and associated companies.THIS SHOULD NOT BE Allowed. We understand that a buisness needs to make profit in order to survive but a leaseholder should continually invest in the venue for the benefit of those that use it. It is clear in our opinion that this has not been the case.

Save Three Sisters Race Circuit are working closely with the club's and communities that use this great venue in order to secure a bright future. It is a priority that the clubs that use the circuit and the local community get a say in how the circuit is managed. There are already plans in place for the immediate take over and improvements that are required. Please show your support by signing this petition

We have a passion for Motorsport. We love to see new talent rise through the ranks. We enjoy the atmosphere of the paddock on a race weekend. We love hearing people share their tips and tricks about how to get the quickest lap time and we admire the community that has grown around such a wonderful track.
Let's show Three Sisters the recognition it deserves

Three Sisters Race Circuit Ltd, Ashton-in-Makerfield

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Reasons for signing

  • I use to race there and the circuit needs to remain, to enable young talent to come through the ranks
  • Great venue had many a fantastic day out there.
  • as worked there before and still needs it to stay as it is


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