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To: Indian Embassy of London

Security of pilgrims to Sri Vraja Bhumi.

Security of pilgrims to Sri Vraja Bhumi.

1. Do whatever is necessary to increase the “all round security of pilgrims to Sri Vraja Bhumi.”

2. Ensure a visible presence of literate police on the streets, markets, parikrama, and temples in Vrindavan ... one of the most well traversed pilgrimage spots in India.

3. The government should establish a “Crisis Center” for pilgrims who have experienced theft, abuse, or rape in the Holy Dham of Vrindavan.

4. It should become a mandate of the Government of India to clean the filth, corruption, and perversion that have become prevalent in the holiest site of pilgrimage in India, Sri Vrindavan Dham.

Why is this important?

Barbaric Sexual Assault In Vrindavan

On February 24, 2015

At 7 AM, in broad daylight, 82-year-old Chandrika Devi Dasi was raped and robbed at Kesi-ghat, Vrindavan.

Chandrika is from Russia. She is a saintly vaisnavi and has come to Vrindavan to pass the final years of her life.

In her advanced age has performed Vrindavan Parikrama everyday for the past five years.

On February 24th, as she passed through Kesi-ghat, two Indian men, approximately 20 years of age, approached from behind and pushed her to the ground.

One of the men stole her parikrama bag and ran away.

The other man climbed upon her chest and held her mouth to keep her from screaming, pulled his genital from his cloth and while sitting upon her to keep her from moving, masturbated and passed semen on her chest.

After his climax he jumped up to run away and a large knife fell from his cloth. He quickly grabbed the weapon and ran.

By Krishna’s blessings Chandrika Devi Dasi broke no bones when she fell. She is shocked and traumatised by the event.

Though there were pujaris at the Kesi-ghat temple but they did nothing to help.

From her shock, and feeling of shame, she did not report the event to the police on the day that it happened. On the second day when I was informed I instructed her to file a First Information Report with the local police.

She did so on February 25, 2015

I reported the incident to our Vrindavan Temple President he sent his legal assistant to deal with the local police. By Krishna's grace the criminals were captured within two days and legal proceedings have been opened against them.

But, as events go in India, unless noise is made, they will simply pay a bribe and be released.

What if someone tried to rape your 82 year old mother. What would you do ?

Reasons for signing

  • Visible police presence , even army should be placed around the streets , the criminals caught should be punished to the full extent of the law .I am equally disgusted that the pujaris at the temple did nothing to help this poor lady who suffered this trauma .
  • These horrendous activities MUST be stopped


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