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To: Philip Green and his family

Sell the yachts pay the pensions

Sell the yachts pay the pensions

Repay the money which they took out of BHS to pay off the £571m deficit in the pension fund.

Why is this important?

11,000 staff and 20,000 pensioners of BHS will find that their pensions are affected by BHS going into administration. During the 15 years that the Green family owned BHS they are reputed to have taken nearly £600m out of the company. They live in Monaco, have 3 yachts, a helicopter, and a private jet. They hold extravagant parties in exotic locations. All this whilst people who worked in a low wage industry are going to suffer (and you can only be on one yacht at once!).

Reasons for signing

  • He (Philip Green) calls himself a knight of the realm, really and what he did to BHS and all the workers there, He's got no right to have the title of SIR give it to someone who does deserve a not that scumbag.
  • Paying off the BHS pension deficit would be a drop in the ocean of "Sir" Philip's obscene wealth.
  • In a fair world, it should be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a man like Philip Green to get away with such behaviour, let alone be honoured with a knighthood for it.


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