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To: Leicester City Council: The City Mayor

Shama Women's Centre under threat of closure

Reinstate our annual funding of £30,000 from April 2017

Why is this important?

Without this Centre, thousands of women in Leicester will suffer isolation, mental health inequalities, cultural and social barriers with no where else to turn to.

It is the only women's centre in Leicester that provides social, well-being and educational activities; in a culturally conducive environment for more than 31 years.

It has successfully empowered thousands of women, many from vulnerable backgrounds, helping them to overcome personal bereavement, domestic abuse and cultural barriers; enabling them to overcome isolation, make new friends, gain lifelong skills and contribute to the local community.

It has an on site 'Good' Ofsted registered nursery to help women with children access the services.

39-45 Sparkenhoe Street, Leicester

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