To: Dogs r us kennels

Shut down Dogs r us justice for Benji

Shut down Dogs r us justice for Benji

Shut the place down there have been many unexplained dog deaths here and the animals are kept in shocking conditions, they have been on Watchdog already but still persist , please sign this to stop any more cruelty to these poor souls

Why is this important?

I am a dog owner and am appalled at the fact that this place keeps operating legally, all they care about is cold hard cash not the welfare of these animals at all , too many dogs have died in their care already how much longer are they going to get away with it


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Reasons for signing

  • Justice 4 Benji and many other dogs who have lost their lives at this BARBARIC AND HORRIFIC FACILITY THAT MUST BE SHUT DOWN!!! Please help save these innocent animals from this severe abuse and neglect, we must be their voice and help protect them. They deserve safe and happy lives, full of love NOT THIS!!!


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