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To: Transport Scotland

Shut the M8 to traffic for a day and let us have a party!

Shut the M8 to traffic for a day and let us have a party!

We are calling on Transport Scotland to make plans to an annual ‘carfree day’ in Glasgow, when the city sections of the M8 motorway are shut to traffic, allowing everyone the chance to reclaim the space for festivities and fun.

Why is this important?

Glasgow is the only city in the UK to have a six lane motorway cutting right through its heart. Yet, less than half of our households have access to cars. For the last 45 years we have all had to put up with a continual stream of traffic roaring through our city. Enough is enough. We want the chance to breathe fresh air and to hear ourselves think. We need the time and space to come together to start to imagine a more equal and sustainable future for our city.

- Scotland has the worst health and lowest life expectancy in Europe. The physical inactivity encouraged by car use is more hazardous to health than smoking:
- Glasgow has toxic levels of air pollution that breached World Health Organisation standards in 2016. Air pollution causes strokes, heart attacks and asthma and is responsible for over 300 deaths in our city every year:
- A quarter of our city's carbon emissions come from traffic, contributing to dangerous climate change. 2016 was the hottest year on record and the third of record-breaking heat in a row:

We need bold and inspiring action to begin to address the crises caused by car use. We must radically re-think our cities so that everyone can get around easily and live healthy and happy lives without need or aspiration to own a car. Like many other cities around the world, Glasgow must also start dreaming of a time in the future when the outdated motorway infrastructure of the 20th century can be re-imagined and re-used in different ways. Our annual ‘carfree day’ will be the start.

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Reasons for signing

  • I'm a fuckwit.
  • We have the equivalent in the town i live in and it's a good boost to the economy of the town.
  • wonderful forward thinking idea, I hope other cities pick up on this.


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