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To: Cardiff Council and Whitchurch councillors

Speed reduction and increased saftey of Wauntreoda Rd

• Make Wauntreoda Rd a one-way street from where Wauntreoda Rd junctions with Heol Y Gors to top of the road where it meets the Philog, to end the use of the road as a cut through.
o If above is not possible, then we request clearly visible speed bumps that extend the full width of the road at the top, middle, and bottom of Wauntreoda rd.
• Paint double yellow lines extending 2 metres from the cross roads at the bottom of Wauntreoda Road to stop people parking up to the cross roads and impairing visibility.

Why is this important?

To increase the safety of residents and their Children and Babies from dangerous driving, which is most often manifested as speeding.
Wauntreoda Road, Cardiff CF14 1HS

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