To: Karen Lumley

Stand up for NHS funding in Redditch: Karen Lumley

Stand up for NHS funding in Redditch: Karen Lumley

Our NHS needs extra funding urgently. Please represent your constituents by asking health minister Jeremy Hunt and chancellor Philip Hammond for more funding.

Why is this important?

NHS bosses in Redditch are drawing up plans to cut and close local services. The plan is short on detail - but there’s a £336m funding gap and two hundred community beds are earmarked for closure across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It looks like big changes are on the table.

Cuts and closures aren’t the only option. If the government gave the NHS the money it needs, it’d mean decisions like these could be made with patients in mind, rather than saving money.

We're calling on our MP, Karen Lumley, to stand up for the NHS in Redditch. So far, she’s spoken out for funding for one local hospital but it's a bigger problem than that.



Reasons for signing

  • There is no doubt the people of Redditch WILL lose their hospital as it is on prime building land, but what happens then? more houses, more people and no hospital equals more and more deaths and distress for the people of Redditch
  • I want her to act like an mp for our rights not Worcester for which she is not mp her loyalty is very suspicious
  • More people in redditch. We need a bigger hospital to cope


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