To: Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes

Stand up for NHS funding in Lewes: Maria Caulfield

Stand up for NHS funding in Lewes: Maria Caulfield

Our NHS needs extra funding urgently. Please represent your constituents by asking health minister Jeremy Hunt and chancellor Philip Hammond for more funding.

Why is this important?

NHS bosses in Lewes are drawing up plans to cut and close local services. The plan is short on detail - but there’s a £864m funding gap for Sussex and East Surrey. The plan is short of important detail on how it'll close the funding gap without cuts or closures to services. But it looks like big changes are on the table.

Cuts and closures aren’t the only option. If the government gave the NHS the money it needs, it’d mean decisions like these could be made with patients in mind, rather than saving money.

We're calling on our MP, Maria Caulfield, to stand up for the NHS in Lewes. So far, it doesn’t look like she’s said much. But if thousands of us sign a petition asking her to demand the NHS gets more funding, it’ll show her that she needs to speak out.



Reasons for signing

  • I know from people who are working in the NHS that it is now under enormous pressure and badly needs extra funding and staff to adequately cope.
  • The NHS is lifesaving. We need it to be be the best that it can be to ensure that it remains this way.
  • I am extremely concerned about the cuts to all aspects of the NHS. We have the fifth richest country in the world and we do not spend anything like our neighbours in Europe on Healthcare. We do not want to finish up with a privatised Healthcare system as they have in the USA - that would be a disaster!


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