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To: The goverment

Start drug test in schools in the uk

Start drug test in schools in the uk

Please help change this town for our children. Get drug testing in schools

Why is this important?

On Saturday young Shakira Pellow died in her mums arms from taking an ecstacy pill called "duplo" 3 others also were taken to hospital from taking the drug. Shakira was a bright and beautiful girl with her life ahead of her and was very popular with everyone who lives here. Its time we all as a community do something. I know we cant bring Shakira back but if we can save just one mother having to go through what Rita's going through then we should try and fight this. Her family and the whole town are devastated. Our hearts go out to them all at this sad time.

Were losing our babies just so some big man at the top can make a quid or two 💔😢 . My son overdosed at the age of 17 and I'm lucky he pulled through. But if I can save just one child then im happy. X

Camborne cornwall

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Reasons for signing

  • Shakira is my sister and i wouldn't want anyone else lose someone this stuff should never happen
  • Its heartbreaking that the family have to go through this.
  • I signed to help save lifes of our children 💔


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