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To: Edward Timpson MP - Under Secretary of State for Children and Families

Statutory Youth Service

Statutory Youth Service

Ensure that our young people people receive a statutory funded Youth Service from all local authorities that make up the UK.

Why is this important?

Currently there is no statutory obligation placed on local authorities to provided a Youth Service via the respective Councils in the UK. Recently, this has meant that councils when faced with Government austerity cuts have chosen to cut vital services to our young people.

Through these draconian measures many Youth Centres in the hearts of our communities have already faced forced closure and hundreds of thousands of young people now face a much reduced range of services, support, guidance and now lack access to opportunities to acquire critical life skills.

Youth workers who have trained over three years to become professionally qualified are being put out of work after many years of loyal service. The young people in disadvantaged communities, in particular, are being harder hit by these measures. For many vulnerable young people their locally provided service is a lifeline and is a much needed supported pathway to a more productive, happy and fulfilled adulthood.

Up and down the country young people, communities , supporters and their Youth Workers have been trying to resist these cuts - but a much louder voice is needed to ensure that services are put on a statutory footing - helping to prevent even more cuts and the betrayal of our young people in the future.

With your help and public outcry we may be able to ensure our young people receive the necessary services, opportunities and support that so many so desperately need and rely so heavily upon. Please help.

Reasons for signing

  • Children are the future and need to be invested in
  • Children and young people are the future . If there is investment by youth services then children will be able to reach their full potential and positively contribute to society . We can see that there is a crisis within prisons which will only be exacerbated. These are the parents of tomorrow.
  • I signed because I qualified after a 3 year full time professional course at university. It's about time youth work was recognised as a statutory requirement within local councils because we do make a difference to the many lives of young people we serve. This is evidenced in best practice and positive outcomes for young people.


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