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To: Wigan Council

Stop 332 Hamilton Street (previously Nursery)becoming a Hotel

Stop 332 Hamilton Street (previously Nursery)becoming a Hotel

Wigan council should NOT approve the planning application for change of use from Day Nursery (D1) to Hotel( C1).

Why is this important?

Hamilton Street is not suitable for a Hotel as it is a residential area with limited parking. A 13 bedroom hotel could attract more than 15 cars (staff included) to an already congested and busy street which has Atherton's only high school and is a route for many primary school children going to St Michael's and Parklee.
A hotel is open 24 hours with people coming and going at various times day and night this will cause noise and disturbance for the streets residents.
How do we know that it will not become a hostel with up to 26 people or more living in it once planning permission is granted. Many people are already of the view that this is a trick to mask a more sinister plan by the applicant.
The area around the war memorial has been made an area of beauty for all the community, a Hotel directly opposite is likely to ruin all the hard work and effort which has been carried out by local people to make the area so great again. A hostel could mean our War Memorial is used as a hangout area.
On a personal note I have young children and am deeply concerned about the large number of strangers that would staying overnight in a hotel/hostel close to my family with no one there to manage the hotel overnight. The plans show only 1 full time job and 2 part time so it doesn't imply a traditional hotel where staff are on site 24/7
I have lived on Hamilton Street for over 18 years and cannot believe that a proposal like this could be considered. Please support us in preventing this application from being accepted. You can view the application at

Thank you


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Reasons for signing

  • Completely unsuitable for the area for a variety of reasons
  • This is going to be a bed sit
  • Something is not right, no way is there a need for a hotel ??


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