To: Barclays

Stop Barclays From Funding Fracking

Stop Barclays From Funding Fracking

We want Barclays to stop backing fracking and invest in renewable energy instead.

Why is this important?

Barclays has a 97% stake in Third Energy - the company who want to frack North Yorkshire. One of Barclays values is to "find ways to positively impact all of the communities we interact with". The people of North Yorkshire don't want fracking! Third Energy are planning to build 950 wells over 19 sites which will have a seriously negative effect on health, climate, the local economy etc.

Reasons for signing

  • No fracking in scotland ...end of discussion.
  • Fracking is no solution to our energy needs, and is totally unsuited to a small and densely populated island which places great importance on tourism. Far better to invest in an up to date 'smart' energy grid and to give renewable energy at least the same levels of subsidy as given to fossil fuels. Also, if we develop expertise in these areas, we will be able to use it to create wealth and employment.
  • should be backing renewable energy not adding to climate change and polluting our planet further


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