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To: Apple, Google and ISMaker

Stop bullying app SimSimi

Stop bullying app SimSimi

Remove this app immediately as it promotes bullying with no accountability. It is currently banned in various countries, including the latest, Ireland.

Why is this important?

SimSimi has quickly become one of the U.K.’s most popular apps. Yet, this chat-box is often used to bully others. In fact, it allows users to anonymously programme a series of messages – regardless of how abusive, violent or explicit these may be – so that they are received by the targeted victim as soon as s/he logs into the app and searches their name.

Due to the anonymity of these messages, it is next to impossible to hold bullies accountable. For these reasons, schools and even police forces in the U.K. have had to resort to sending letters to parents in order to warn them about the app.

Even though SimSimi is restricted to people who are 17 years old or older, many children who are much younger than that have been able to download it.

Most parents are unaware of the fact that ‘Simi Simi’ is dangerous for their children and that they could be at risk of bullying, which is bound to have serious implications on them.

SimSimi must be banned before it causes even more damage. A few years ago the website was banned – but only after a few teenagers had committed suicide following the bullying they experienced using it. We must be quicker this time to ensure the same does not happen again.

Reasons for signing

  • Bullying can lead to extreme circumstance of the person experiencing this form of abuse to feel vulnerable and in severe cases, suicidal thoughts - I know this all too well as I've been a victim of bullying
  • Bullying effects children for the rest of their lives my son was bullied because he has red hair, still suffering aged 44
  • I simply hate bullies of any age. No excuse to bully anyone. Zero tolerance. Far too many children and young people have taken their own lives because they could not cope with bullies. Lets work together and stop this now.


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