To: UK Government and UK media to further this within the EU.

Stop calling IS ISLAMIC State. They don't represent Islam.

Stop calling IS ISLAMIC State. They don't represent Islam.

I would like the UK government and UK media to realise that calling a terrorist organisation by the name that they want is only benefiting the terrorists. The terrorist group should have a name designated by the EU, UN or NATO. For example al-Qaeda Separatists.

Why is this important?

By calling them Islamic State we as a country are legitimising their links to Islam. This gives a negative view of Islam to the population and fuels Islamaphobia. It allows manipulation of the public by right wing political parties and press to further their agenda. It helps in the radicalisation of disenfranchised youths by the ties the name has with the community and on reflection glamourises the call to arms. Remember that most of the young people who are radicalised are young males who feel isolated and bow to peer pressure (2 of the Paris attackers were until 6 weeks ago running bars. Hardly strict followers of Islam). I want my baby to grow up in a society where we look at people who have differences with intrigue and not fear.


2017-09-04 22:40:16 +0100

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