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To: Paul Goverd - Managing Director CJ Hole

Stop CJ Hole exploiting the housing crisis in Bristol

CJ Hole stop sending letters to your landlord clients encouraging excessive and unjustified rental increases.

Why is this important?

An estate agent in Bristol called CJ Hole has been sending out letters to its landlord clients asking "Are you getting enough rent?" and "How do you get more rent?"

The letter they are sending to landlords explains that "with rents increasing every week in Bristol, it is highly likely your property is due a rent increase.” It goes on to say that “the demand from tenants is far exceeding the number of available properties and we have never seen such a buoyant rental market."

It doesn't once mention the rights of tenants.

The letter shows how some estate agents and landlords are seeking to cynically profit from the housing crisis in Bristol at a time when inflation has declined to 0.3% and deflation is predicted. I think there is no justification for increasing rents at a time when prices are actually going down. In addition, real average earnings have fallen by 8% since 2008.

Such predatory rental practices are an attack on low income people and threaten the most basic of rights – the security of a home to live in.

Bristol's housing supply has been described by an official report as "in crisis." In 2013 just 60 affordable homes were built across Bristol

Please sign this petition if you want CJ Hole to stop sending these letters to its landlord clients and if you want your next MP to support rent controls, giving more rights to tenants and building more affordable homes.

If you have experienced a rent rise you believe is unjustified please post the details below. I.e. how much was it, was it in response to improvements made by the landlord, and any other points you think are relevant. If you have seen similar letters from other estate agents, please contact me.

We will compile a list of all responses and use these as the basis for a later action/petition.

Read the full letter below:

How it will be delivered

Update: Neither CJ Hole at the corporate level nor the Southville branch where this letter was sent from have responded, despite requests from media and the petitioners. Therefore we will be holding a demo in partnership with ACORN outside the Southville branch at 11am on April 11th to deliver the petition and ask CJ Hole to sign the Ethical Lettings Charter. Please join us! RSVP here:

Redland BS6 6AH

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