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To: Medway Council

Stop cuts to Children's Centres to pay for Battle of Medway Commemorations

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Michael Green
Stop cuts to Children's Centres to pay for Battle of Medway Commemorations

To stop their obscene and immoral proposal to make cuts of £60,000 to children's services in Medway to pay for 10 days of events to commemorate the Battle of Medway.

Why is this important?

Medway council want to cut support for children in Medway to pay for an elaborate 10 day celebration and re-enactment of a 350 year-old naval battle - the Battle of Medway.

£60,000 will be taken from children’s services to pay for the celebrations - which include jet ski demonstrations, fireworks and over-the-top battle reenactments.

This money should be ring fenced for children's services. As a Medway council tax payer I know where I want the money to be spent - on children!

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I believe we need stronger families and safer children in our community. A fanfare for the 'Battle of Medway' won't provide that in the long term, but Children's Centres will.
  • These services are vital to the local communities in their present form not as centralised centres.
  • This is staggering behaviour from Medway Council. WTF value are they placing on children and families by doing this?


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