To: Mayor of London - Sadiq Khan

Stop developers avoiding social housing needs in London

Stop developers avoiding social housing needs in London

1) Please do not grant planning permission to developers that provide little to no affordable housing in their schemes.
2) Only grant them permission when adequate affordable housing numbers are met and when affordable housing is actually affordable for those on low incomes.
3) That all 'non-secure' tenants be granted 'secure or flexible' tenancies.

Why is this important?

Displacement caused by gentrification is exacerbated by developers greed for increased in land values. Gentrified areas cover 1/16th of London's area (Akinson, 2008).In a number of instances (Heygate Estate, Aylesbury Estate and Carpenter Estate) whole communities have been displaced in the process of physical renewal. Many areas of London have been occupied by the middle classes causing the original working class residents to be displaced (Glass, 1994). Developers magnify the problem by creating indirect and direct causes of displacement. Developers are directly avoiding the social housing needs of the city (Booth, 2016). Their new buildings put pressure on the housing market leading to the indirect pricing out of low income individuals (Atkinson, 2000).Developers are even willing to pay fines implemented due to the lack of social housing as they see the beneficiaries in avoiding their implementation (Wainwright, 2015; Booth, 2016). Private developers benefit, from gentrification, at the expense of communities in London. The City Claim back campaign is worried everyday Londoners will be displaced, by the greed of developers, through gentrification.


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Reasons for signing

  • We have a right to live here as well as the middle-class.
  • Poor people's lives matter.


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