To: Brighton & Hove City Council

Stop Idling for Cleaner Air in Brighton & Hove

Stop Idling for Cleaner Air in Brighton & Hove

We urge the Brighton & Hove City Council to enforce the existing anti-idling vehicle policy (section of 3.8.8 of the Brighton & Hove City Council Air Quality Action Plan) to reduce the pollution caused by stationary cars sat with their engines running.

Why is this important?

Idling cars are a major contributor to air pollution in our city. Hotspots in the city such as Queens Road, Western Road and Rottingdean High Street regularly exceed both UK and EU limits for nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

NO2 is a toxic gas that causes health problems such as asthma, bronchitis and lung cancer and contributes to 6% of all annual deaths in Brighton & Hove.

If this petition reaches 1250 signatures the issue will be debated by the full Brighton & Hove City Council. Please sign this petition for cleaner air in our city.

Reasons for signing

  • I want to help prevent the thousands of deaths each year which are caused by air pollution.
  • Although I don't live in Brighton, I am there 2 to 3 days (or more) a week, and I am very aware of air quality issues from personal experience (being asthmatic).


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