To: City of Edinburgh Council

Stop Jupiter Artland building a dangerous exit road at West Clifton

Stop Jupiter Artland building a dangerous exit road at West Clifton

Jupiter Artland must be prevented from building an alternative exit road onto Clifton Road at West Clifton. The residents of West Clifton are convinced this is dangerous and will cause a potentially fatal accident as well as risking the lives of visitors leaving the art park

They are building it at the narrowest, most dangerous part, directly opposite residential driveways, with very limited sightlines, where heavy traffic passes, running the risk of pushing very heavy lorries into gardens where children play.

All the information is a matter of public record on Facebook at SaveWestClifton.

Why is this important?

West Clifton is a small rural community at the western edge of Edinburgh. Despite meeting with Jupiter Artland where we pleaded with them, begged them to protect our children and families, they are going ahead anyway. We believe an accident is inevitable and we fear our children and families are the ones who will suffer.

In the process they have also ruined our environment. Some residents are now looking out on a grey, sterile, hardcore road where they once saw trees, grass, hedgerows and wildlife. It was a beautiful wild bridle way, now totally destroyed. Wildlife has been driven out, trees cut down, hedgerows and wildflowers ripped up.

The families of West Clifton think Jupiter Artland have been really bad neighbours. Please stop them.


Reasons for signing

  • Jupiter Artland are being completely selfish in their desire to build a road where trucks will use it as a turkey run. Consideration for the countryside and the community goes beyond profit!
  • I have stayed in West Clifton many times - and enjoyed visiting Jupiter Artland - but the residents of West Clifton know their road better than anyone and if they think this is dangerous, they probably have a point. Also a shame when an artistic location becomes an eyesore.
  • Having lived on this road and witnessed how fast and busy it can be, this is a potential disaster for motorists and local residents.


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