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To: Gavin Barwell MP, Minister for State Housing and Planning.

Stop Making People Homeless

Repeal legislation cutting housing benefit to 18-21 year olds.

Why is this important?

The cut will leave young people in situations of abuse, or being thrown out of their family home, more vulnerable to sleeping rough.

Government cuts to social care, youth services, children’s services and advice centres mean that those who become homeless are less likely to get support to help them out of their situation.

The estimated number of rough sleepers in England has doubled since 2010.

This is a national issue being spearheaded from Bradford which is the youngest city in the country and will be the youngest in Europe by 2020.



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Thank you to everyone who has already signed. Its been a great response since we went live with the petition late afternoon yesterday. Could I ask you to share the petition on all your social media platforms to help it to grow even more over the weekend.

Many thanks


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