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To: Next CEO - Simon Wolfson

Stop Next using really thin models

I want Next to stop using really thin models to advertise their clothing.

Next are one of the few high street stores to still be using excessively thin models on their website. I don't mean slim, I mean models who look malnourished and unhealthy. And not just one model - lots of them.

Why is this important?

I was horrified when looking at the Next website so see how very thin some of the models are. Girls today are bombarded with images of unattainable ideals, leading them to all sorts of issues with body image and self confidence.These are not the role models I want for my children.

By using these models, Next is condoning this as an aspirational way to be. As a society, we have girls struggling with self image and then companies hold this up as both normal and desirable - most girls would have serious medical problems if they were this size. Anorexia is an illness. Sufferers need help, not the reinforcement that this gives.

I am certainly not saying that fashion should be forced to use large models. Slim is healthy. Emaciated is not.

Please sign, and through tackling a large high street name, show the fashion idustry that this is not what we, as consumers, want.



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