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To: All the manufacturers of Chewing Gum.

Stop plastic-based Chewing Gum.

Stop plastic-based Chewing Gum.

Only natural gum bases should be used in the production of Chewing Gum.

Why is this important?

Chewing gum is made from plastic.

Think how much chewing gum you've put in your mouth believing it was a natural substance. Think of how much you've thrown away thinking it will compost naturally over time.

Originally, chewing gum was made from natural "chicle" gum, which biodegrades in under a month.

However, modern chewing gum uses a gum base made from polymers which are synthetic plastics.

This is not organic waste that composts, it is a hidden plastic in our food, it will not break down naturally, and adds to all the other plastic humanity continues to produce, purchase and discarded.

I am calling on the manufacturers of all chewing gum to revert back to a natural gum base and ensure the product is 100% free from plastic.

Sign the petition if you want to reduce plastic usage and agree with this proposal.


2018-04-28 00:23:30 +0100

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