To: Ecotricity

Stop pricing small electric cars off the road

Stop pricing small electric cars off the road

Charge for the electricity actually used when charging at their fast charging points, instead of a fixed £6 for 30 minutes.

Why is this important?

Small electric cars like the Peugeot Ion, Mitsubishi iMiev and Citroën Zero, do not have large enough batteries to use a full 30 minute charge. The maximum range of these cars at motorway speeds is 50-60 miles. Fast chargers only charge the battery to 80%, so that is 40-48 miles. Allow 10 miles probably already in the battery at the start of the charge, and that's 30-38 miles for £6.

Compare with an ordinary diesel car, doing about 60 mpg, where each gallon costs about £5.50, and you will see it costs about twice as much to run a small car charged at an Ecotricity charging point as it does to run a diesel car filled at a pump.

On the other hand, if you charge the electric car at home, it costs about half as much to run as the diesel (even with full price green electricity).

Reasons for signing

  • At a time when the government wants drivers to go "green",thet should`nt allow greedy arsehole companies to charge rip-off prices for charging cars.
  • Mr Roger Andrews


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