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To: Scottish Environment and Protection Agency (SEPA) & Argyll and Bute Planning Council

Stop Proposed Fish farm on West coast of Jura

Stop Proposed Fish farm on West coast of Jura

We are asking SEPA and Argyll and Bute Planning council to refuse Kames proposal for a Fish Farm development on the West coast of the Isle of Jura.

Why is this important?

The environmental impacts would be devastating for wildlife found on the west coast.

The West Coast of Jura is a truly unspoilt wilderness.

The chance of escapee fish would be very high given the ferocity of the gales on an extremely exposed site during the winter months.

Please if you need further information check out some links from various sources raising concerns on fish farming.

Isle of Jura

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Reasons for signing

  • Fish farming in this location is risky due to exposure of coast to storm.
  • Toxic fish farms harm the environment. Share and sign now. Before its to late!!!!!!
  • If salmon farmers are denied permission to spread their filth from open cages, they will have to look seriously at alternatives like closed containment.


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